Top 8 Criteria To Find The Best Plastic Surgeon

Top 8 Criteria To Find The Best Plastic Surgeon

When you are planning to get cosmetic treatment, you surely want to find the best plastic surgeon around. You will be entrusting your physical appearance to their skills, and with results being semi-permanent, you only want the best and most trustworthy doctor to conduct the treatment.

Here are the tell-tale signs of a good plastic surgeon you must take note of. Also listed are the red flags you must be aware of when looking for a cosmetic doctor. 

  • They are board-certified

Board certification is the most important factor to consider in finding the best plastic surgeon. The certification should come only from the American Board of Plastic Surgery – the only institution recognized worldwide that awards plastic surgery accreditation as a specialization to qualified doctors.

A board-certified doctor has completed at least six years of field training with half of it dedicated to conducting plastic surgeries. Additionally, the accredited doctor also has passed a series of oral and written exams to demonstrate their in-depth knowledge of the practice. Only a few doctors can comply with these rigorous requirements, so being under the care of one is a sign that you have a good plastic surgeon.

Aside from being board-certified, the doctor should have extensive knowledge and experience in the field they claim to be experts in. You would not want to entrust your Vaser Hi-Def Liposuction procedure to someone who specializes in blepharoplasty or rhinoplasty.


  • They are working in a qualified facility

You can find the best plastic surgeons working in an accredited facility that is completely equipped with the necessary equipment to successfully and safely complete operations. Board-certified doctors will not work in a clinic or hospital that does not meet the minimum safety standards. With their competence in cosmetic surgery, they will want to work in a facility that matches their credentials.

Accredited facilities must have extremely low mortality and complication rates. These numbers define how prepared the facility is in handling emergencies and how skilled the staff is in ensuring patients do not face life or death situations. While plastic surgery is generally not life-threatening, there might be instances wherein adverse reactions occur that slightly increase the chances of mortality.


  • They are not afraid of questions

One of the signs of a good plastic surgeon is having the confidence to answer any questions you throw at them. Doctors who are completely transparent are not afraid to discuss the possibilities and outcomes of the operation. They will not overestimate themselves and promise results that cannot be achieved using the processes they discussed prior to the procedure.


The best plastic surgeons are transparent and honest

Some doctors tend to oversell their capacities which often results in failed expectations due to botched treatments. These doctors probably do not have enough experience in the field to know the difference of what is achievable with the situation they are presented with.

Doctors who have nothing to hide will openly discuss what is possible with your present condition. They will tell you alternative choices that will get you the best results.


  • They will take care of you

The best plastic surgeons will look holistically into your medical history to see if there are complications that might arise during the operation.   Medical records also help them think about alternative treatment options in case a specific procedure will be impossible to do due to a health condition.

If the doctor is not asking about your medical history and goes straight into discussing what they can do to give you the desired results, consider this a warning sign. This means they are not being thorough with the procedure and would rather complete it right away regardless of your medical issues or opinions about the treatment.


  • They will make you feel comfortable

Having complete trust and comfortability are the signs you are dealing with a good plastic surgeon

You will be giving the doctor permission to change certain portions of your body, so make sure you are comfortable to entrust everything to your surgeon. The best plastic surgeon you will find is the one with whom you feel most comfortable. If something goes wrong, they will be responsible for the results, so it is best if you have a high level of trust and confidence in their skills.


  • They are recommended by people you know

Word of mouth is one of the most common ways to find the best plastic surgeon. A sign of a good plastic surgeon is if their name is positively discussed among patients and fellow doctors in the field.

If you have a family member, friend, or colleague that can recommend a cosmetic surgeon, start looking into that doctor first. From there, begin asking around to confirm the recommendations you got from others and see if the doctor is as good as they say.

Online recommendations are also an option but consider them the least reliable of all sources. Testimonials on the internet can be easily fabricated in favor of the doctor’s reputation, so take them with a grain of salt.

You can also ask the hospital about the cosmetic doctor you have shortlisted. Sometimes, you can get opinions and stories from the staff regarding the doctor. You may be able to ask about how they treat patients and staff, their work ethics, and the way they handle operations.


  • They show results

Plastic surgery is a delicate process that requires more than just the technical expertise of the doctor. This field of specialization is considered an art form in the medical industry, so there will be differences in how a doctor approaches a situation to achieve the desired results. With this, it is only normal to request results to see if the doctor’s style is what you are looking for.

The best doctors are confident to show proof of their work

If you encounter a doctor who does not want to show results and use client privacy as defense, consider this a red flag. It is possible to show results without disclosing the identity of other patients, so using it as an excuse to avoid showing proof that can back their claims is a big warning sign.


  • They will agree to an initial consultation

One of the signs of a good plastic surgeon is being open to an initial consultation. The initial consultation is vital in assessing your level of trust and comfortability with the doctor and gauging whether they are the right pick for your treatment. At the same time, this is the window for the surgeon to give you their initial assessments on your medical history and discuss how they will proceed with the treatment.


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