The Royal Hospital for Women and Children is the center for excellent clinical service and exceptional patient healthcare in Bahrain. It’s the trusted facility for endoscopy, gynecology, and health screening services. Continuing our tradition of providing premium healthcare services, we’re proud to introduce our new Cosmetic Surgery Department. This is made possible by our joint venture with Vasilica Aesthetics and Beverly Hills Sunset Surgery Center International (BHSSCI), both of which  are leading international cosmetic surgery centres.

The RHWC Cosmetic Surgery Department is the leading facility for handling aesthetic procedures, including plastic surgery, skincare treatment, and rejuvenation operations. We are equipped with the most advanced technology for conducting cosmetic surgeries in Bahrain. 

As an institution aiming to be the top destination of patients all over the world for cosmetic procedures, RHWC Cosmetic Surgery Department taps only premiere doctors who are the best in their fields. We match the best equipment we have by hiring only the top cosmetic surgeons who are highly regarded in the art and science of cosmetic surgery.

When you choose the RHWC Cosmetic Surgery Department, you’re guaranteed to get a rewarding experience that results in natural-looking results.


Customer reviews


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13 Years of Sinus Problems

I had an amazing experience being on the Television show The Doctors. Dr. Ordon did an amazing job by looking under the scope to see the mucus and nasal problems I was having! I have went to numerous doctors in Mississippi and noone seemed to know what was causing my mucus problems or sinus pressure. Dr. Ordon and my allergist found I was allergic to pretty much all trees, plants, weeds. This...
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I'm 54 and I Finely Did It

I wasn't sure about the surgery, Then I had it done and I went though a lot, I dont like pain I deal with it, I'm still swollen, And tender and know I'm on the recovery part, I wish it just heal fast, So, I can go on to my normal active, These bruise are taking slow to go away, I keep up the progress of my healing, Well everything is going good ! Bruise are going away ! And it's been a...
Breast Augmentation
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Breast Augmentation - Wonderful Job!

From consultation I had full confidence in Dr Sanjay's passion for surgery and overall expert knowledge and patient care. Day of surgery I felt confident I was in safe hands and that he would do a thorough job, which he did. I am amazed with the results, I would recommend him 100%.. From start to finish, amazing doctor!
Brazilian Butt Lift
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Brazilian Butt Lift (square shaped gal)

Just had my consultation last week and I am soooo excited! I have lived life as an apple shape and hate it!!! I'm 5'2 currently 155 lbs and 20 yrs old. I have been wanting this procedure for the past year so I gained approx 20 lbs just for this and I plan on gaining 10 lbs more just to make sure I am happy with the result! ( I'd rather it look a little bigger than I want rather than smaller) I...
Breast Implant Removal
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Dr. Nikolov is an Artist.

Dr. Nikolov is an artist. i went to him with a very serious problem. Our consultation was predicated on my general physician insisting I see a plastic surgeon about getting my old implants removed because of rupture. I was scared to bits about facing this and what the result would be after for both my health and my body. Dr. Nikolov was amazing. He knew the type of implants I had, (ones...
Breast Reconstruction
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She gives her heart and her hands!

As I look back to the day we met, I realize as I put myself in Dr. Burrell's hands, she gave me her heart. Mine was the unexpected breast cancer diagnosis at 69. Although, I humbly stand in the shadow of Stage 4 women fighting for their lives; the fact that I had what is called “the good kind” was no less terrifying or heartbreaking than the BRCA positive woman who decides to have a pre...