Dr. Andrew Ordon


Dr. Andrew Ordon



About Dr. Ordon

Dr. Andrew Ordon is a highly acclaimed cosmetic surgeon with over 30 years of experience. He’s a highly respected figure in the field because of his expertise and contributions that made cosmetic surgery more known worldwide. 

Dr. Ordon graduated from the University of California and the USC School of Medicine with high honors. He completed his second residency in plastic and reconstructive surgery at the Lenox Hill Hospital/Manhattan Eye and Ear Infirmary Program, which is one of the toughest in the field. Aside from these accomplishments, he’s also a fellow in renowned centers for cosmetic, plastic, and reconstructive surgery.

He’s been consistently recognized as a Top Doctor by Castle-Connolly – a recognized research and information company that publishes an annual database of the best specialist doctors in the world. He has been granted the award for several consecutive years which is a feat that’s nothing short of outstanding.

Dr. Ordon is perhaps more known as the co-host of the Emmy®-nominated and award-winning talk show The Doctors. Being an accomplished surgeon, Dr. Ordon has been invited countless times on shows such as Dr. Phil, Entertainment Tonight, and Rachael Ray. 

He has been quoted in widely read publications like Reader’s Digest, Glamour, and Allure. He’s also a contributor to one of the most respected books about plastic surgery.

For his contributions as a surgeon, TV host, and philanthropist, Dr. Ordon has been awarded a Star on the Palm Springs Walk of Fame.



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13 Years of Sinus Problems

I had an amazing experience being on the Television show The Doctors. Dr. Ordon did an amazing job by looking under the scope to see the mucus and nasal problems I was having! I have went to numerous doctors in Mississippi and noone seemed to know what was causing my mucus problems or sinus pressure. Dr. Ordon and my allergist found I was allergic to pretty much all trees, plants, weeds. This...
E. Foley
Tummy Tuck
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Belt Lipectomy / Tummy Tuck

I had a belt lipectomy in Oct 2013. This is where they removed all the excess skin from around my abs, flanks, and lower back area. Over the past 15 years I had lost approx 50 lbs and, although I was in great shape, there was nothing I could do (in terms of diet and physical exercise) to get rid of the excess skin. I don't recommend this procedure for people who are not in great physical...
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I'm 54 and I Finely Did It

I wasn't sure about the surgery, Then I had it done and I went though a lot, I dont like pain I deal with it, I'm still swollen, And tender and know I'm on the recovery part, I wish it just heal fast, So, I can go on to my normal active, These bruise are taking slow to go away, I keep up the progress of my healing, Well everything is going good ! Bruise are going away ! And it's been a...

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