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Dr. Sanjay Parashar



About Dr. Parashar

Dr. Sanjay Parashar is a highly-skilled doctor and can be considered the best plastic surgeon in Dubai. He’s the CEO of Cocoona Centre of Aesthetic Transformation and is responsible for making the institute the best in the region when it comes to cosmetic surgery. 

He finished his studies and specialization in India at a young age. His colleagues believe he was born to be a surgeon as he’s adept at using both hands during treatments.

He has traveled to several countries including Australia, Bahrain, South Korea, and the USA working under the leading cosmetic surgery clinics in these countries. Practicing for almost 3 decades, Dr. Parashar has completed more than 15,000 procedures to his patient’s satisfaction. His long list of clientele includes celebrities and VIPs in India.

Dr. Parashar currently holds specializations in ten fields, qualifying him to conduct 3D and 4D liposuction and body contouring, and face sculpting, to name a few. He’s widely recognized for his expertise in breast surgery, body contouring, Brazilian Butt Lift, facial surgery, Mommy Makeover, robotic hair transplant, and Tummy Tuck procedures.


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Finally Did It Today!

So, I guess I am not too excited that I am already posting this right after my surgery, haha! Since 2014 I have been planning about achieving this dream which I thought I would never realize until this day. As you can see the photos posted here fresh from the operating room taken by the lovely Anaesthesiologist Dr.Farah speak for itself. Nurses were also nice and really took care of me with...
Eyelid Surgery
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Upper eyelids: I had sagging eyelids and desperately wanted to get rid of that.

I had sagging eyelids and desperately wanted to get rid of that. After one research, picked Dr Sanjay. He explained everything to me, was very nice and careful and didn’t play this “I-have-more-important-things-going-on” game which many doctors do making one feel very small. I love the results and would totally recommend it. Although it was the most expensive offer in Dubai...
Tummy Tuck
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What amazing work done!

Dr. Sanjay Parashar, he is an amazing doctor and he is great at what he does. I am very happy with my results he did answome job I would definitely recommend him if you want a tummy tuck or a chin lift. His staff Danya and Asha have been very helpful and available if I had questions. You are in safe hands. Dr Sanjay explained everything clearly and put my mind totally at ease about the whole...

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